Undergoing blog makeover.  

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Consumer magazine sponsored advertisements and covers rely heavily on professional page layout skills to compete for visual attention.Image via WikipediaAs of this time and date I made a makeover of my blog's layout and design to make it look better. So you may find it somewhat different from the classic templates provided by blogger.com. God bless all!

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A Christian Struggle with Sin.  

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Dispute of Jesus and the Pharisees over tribute moneyImage via WikipediaIn this Sunday's Gospel reading I just want to pour out what my thoughts have to say with regards to this. In Matthew 9:12-13 Jesus tells the Pharisees who are questioning his attitude by eating with the sinners and tax collectors which in their own time is considered sinners and unworthy to associate with. Jesus said "...Healthy people don't need a doctor, but sick people do. .... I did not come to call the righteous but sinners. Indeed it is easy to be called a Christian but it is hard to become a real one. Always in my life I have struggling in my blessed Catholic faith, how to live it, in my life, work and relationship. I am very much consoled with the Gospel readings and it gives me always hope that God indeed do come for me- a sinner. My relationship with God ever since in an uphill struggle towards perfection and often I fall more than I am victorious over my own sensuality and inordinate desires, but still like St. Augustine who once said that I must continue praying and begging God even in midst of sinfulness and unworthiness so that His river of Mercy would continue to flow and lead me back to repentance and confession of my own sins and failures. So I must move on and face my sinfulness, learn to forgive myself and beg God for mercy and love which is in abundance for He is a merciful and forgiving God.

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Does the Devil Exist?  

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I am wondering why now a days people seems not to believe the reality of the Devil, meaning a devil who exist as a person or pure spirit. Most people today Catholics or not and even members of the Church Hierarchy seems to dismiss the reality of the Devil. I've stumble this article which I think is interesting to post here. Does the Devil do really exist or just a fancy of human imagination or it exist not as a being but as an effect of human action against the will of God. Read the article...

The importance of Liturgy in Christian Life  

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I been reading the documents of Vatican II now a days and in the introduction on the Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy it says;
" For it is the liturgy through which, especially in the divine sacrifice of the Eucharist, "the works of our redemption is accomplished," and it is through the liturgy, especially, that the faithful are enabled to express in their lives and manifest to others the mystery of Christ and the real nature of the true Church." Indeed the liturgy, especially the Eucharistic sacrifice enables us to participate in the life of Christ and His Church for it is the way to fully express our belief and added to that it must transcend beyond the confines of the church building it must flow through in our daily activities. Liturgy does not end in the celebration of it but it continues even when we are doing our menial task and duties in life. Lately did I know the full meaning of what I am celebrating in the liturgy but I am very much grateful to God for giving me His Church where I can fully unite with Him in the daily celebration of the Sacred Liturgy. Liturgy is what makes me respond to the call of worshiping the Lord daily, hourly and the whole of the year.