On Personal Religious Experience  

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In my daily readings of a book entitled "In Search for True Religion" I find this lines quite inspiring and touches me in a way that I can relate to it since I have this kind of experience in my journey as a Catholic faithful. The lines goes like this-In any personal religious experience there is the sense of a basic expectation. I sense that something is being asked of me. I experience myself being summoned and being sent. This call and mission gives basic meaning to my entire life. the expectation that is present is not something extra that is added to my existence but something that tends to constitute who I basically am. Who am I? the answer to that question is found in what I am called to be and missioned to be in this basic relationship.
The expectation that I experience in this relationship with an Absolute Thou may rather be vague, assuming no precise form. It may not give any clear indication of a precise path of action that is to be carried out. But even though it may be vague this expectation makes a major contribution to my life. I am sure that my life is not just a matter of staying alive and finding some privet satisfactions. From beyond something is expected of me. From beyond Someone expects a response from me.
I experience this expectation to be changing constantly. It does not exist in the form of fixed law ( such as the Ten Commandments) that stands above me. Rather, it appears as fresh and new demands that confront me each day, challenging me to respond. I am guided by this expectation to be creative and to grow.
This expectation usually embodies itself in the situations that I live through in the world of my daily life. The dialog with the Absolute Thou embraces all of those human situations. Through persons, trials and tasks found in my life God as a person is constantly meeting me with fresh messages and expectations.
Indeed this lines touches me since I basically have this experience in my life. And I come to the realization that God is not only experience by me in the Sense of the Sacred - meaning extraordinarily in miracles and apparitions but, God is their in the here and now of my daily life, in my work, in my family, in my friends and foe alike and in every creature and in whatever daily situations I am into.