Christ's Church and not Mine.  

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In my journey as a Catholic faithful the more I mature in my faith the more that I began to appreciate the beauty of the Catholic Church. The Church is essentially both human and divine just as her Lord is both God and man so the Church is endowed with the same nature as her Lord. Personally I could see that typology also in me. I am a person compose of both human and divine character in me. The divine essence in me is endowed by the Spirit in the baptismal font and I become the son of God through adoption. Now I began to see the two side of the Church because if we try to see only the human side of the Church we will just be discourage and loss faith and that happens to most Catholic faithful who left the Church. The human side of the Church is full of flaws and failures and Christ know that that's why He said "do not fear for I am with you until the end of time". Despite the human frailty that I see, the scandal that has been reported I still love the Church because it is not the Church the I want to fit into my own standards but first and foremost it is Christ's Church not mine and I should fit into it as Christ wants me to.

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Congrats on the new Catholic church in Qatar.

March 8, 2008 at 9:07:00 AM PST

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