Christmas and New Year in the Land of Islam  

Posted by Heisan

I have spent another Christmas and New Year in the Land of Islam. Here the celebration has no much funfare no decoration on the street nor on the stores only in every Christian homes here. Christmas here for Christian is devoid of too much commercialism but more on a deeper reflection on the greatest events in human history the coming of God among man. Christmas and New Year here is celebrated by Christian with more emphasis on the events of Christ coming in human history more liturgical and solemn because perhaps the reason is that all of us here is away from home, from our families so it is in being away from home that we Christian here relates more on the events of Christ birth because He himself chooses to be away from His own Kingdom to be one with us. It is in this situation that I myself begins to grasp more fully the mystery, the sacredness and the importamce of this Christ-event in human history.

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