Mary, Mother of our Lord.  

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Yesterday the Church celebrates the feast of the motherhood of the Blessed Virgin Mary. During the homily our parish priest reflects on the quality of Mary as a mother. Mary in her obedience to God's plan of salvation ponders everything that she witness regarding her Son in her heart. By her silence she teaches us strength is not so much that of being above others or ruling others but in silence there is strength for we can reflect more fully the mystery of God and our actions when we are silent, when we are not talking nor being in the limelight of things. Mothers for that are the strongest person on earth for they have the endurance and the resiliency when it comes to pain and agony. Imagine how they endure bearing a child for 9 months in there womb nurturing and caring for there sustenance until that child where brought forth to world from there womb. Mothers may not be as strong as fathers on the physical aspect but they are the most patient person in the world I ever encounter. Mary in her motherhood patiently endure and courageously witness her Son's suffering from scourging upto crucifixion. She pour out her love and adoration for her Son in tears and silence. As I reflect on it silence brings us into contemplation in which we start to encounter and hear God more clearly amidst these often chaotic world. And crying is not a sign of weakness or lack of courage but of restraining our personal demons which tempts us into retaliation and vengeance when we are hurt or vellified. All of this Mary the Mother of our Lord has shown us. Happy New Year to everyone!

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