Conviction and not Opinion needed today!  

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I attended the Eucharistic celebration today and the priest celebrant's homily is very interesting and enlightening that I want to share it here. The Gospel and the homily is for the coming 3rd Sunday in the Ordinary time-"The calling of Peter,Andrew, James and John in the Sea of Galilee by our Lord. Here is what he said in his homily: " There is a group of tourist who are visiting the great cathedrals of Europe and they are being guided and given the information about every Cathedrals they have visited. One from the tourist said "Why can't we build like this magnificent edifice nowadays?" An old lady from the group replied "You know people during that times have conviction ours are only opinion."
Conviction and not opinion is what we must do as Christians and particularly Catholics in todays society who is leaning and plunging more and more its day into secularism and the denial of God. Conviction to stand for our faith. Conviction to hold more closely to Christ the Lord of the Universe. Conviction to prove to world that it is not in material things that we can have happiness and fulfillment but in the simplicity of believing in the Lord of Life. We have to take the examples of Peter, Andrew, James and John in the Sunday's Gospel that follows the Lord "at once" without hesitation to become "fisher's of men".

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