Simplicity and the beauty of it!  

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While reading a Catholic inspirational book with the title "Simplify and live a Good Life" by Bro. Bo Sanchez a well-known local lay Catholic evangelist in my home country the Philippines I come across a page that is worth posting here. It says: "I believe that God chose to write the "map of happiness" on the ordinary parchment of simplicity- like a treasure map written on recycled brown paper. Consequently, many people ignore that map, and are attracted instead to the more glossy, loud, shiny maps around. But when they follow these other maps, they end up tired as a dog chasing its own tail......
Simplify because you want to discover the depths of your soul.
Simplify because you want to start living deliberately.
Simplify because you want to love from an uncluttered heart.
Remember that simplicity is only the first step of the journey. Holding the treasure map, memorizing it, photocopying it a thousand times and keeping it safe in a vault won't make you claim the gold. You actually need to sail through oceans, climb peaks, cross valleys and explore caves.
Simplicity will point you to where and what and who the gold is in your life.
Once you know your gold, the game has just begun."
And he poses this question, "Will you treasure your gold?"
In my case I know where, what and who is the gold in my life: my wife, my extended family, my kids and my blessed Catholic faith with these in my heart I search no further. All my plans, my endeavor and my objectives is focused on this gold that is in my life already and need not search anywhere for they are always there with me wherever I go. I remember what Pope John XXIII in his "Journal of a Soul" says: "The older I grow, the more clearly I perceive the dignity and winning beauty of simplicity in thought, conduct and speech: a desire to simplify all that is complicated and to treat everything with the greatest naturalness and clarity."
So be it!

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