About Life !  

Posted by Heisan

Life is a celebration of joy, sorrow and glory. Life is an offering that we can give to God the giver of it. When you smile, when you cry,when you meet indifference, rejection and atrocities all of this events in everyones life must be viewed with optimism and trust in the Lord of Life, for as the saying goes "behind the clouds lies the sun to shine and to make us smile".As the Psalmist sings "Why are you so downcast my soul? why groan within me. Hope in God, hope in God. I will praise Him still my Savior and my God." Life is our celebration and eucharist for in it we find and meet the God who is more than enough for us to contain. So we must live our life joyfully in whatever situation we are in for in it we find lessons and teachings from God that makes us better, stronger and contented Christians. Enjoy life.......!

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