My first Easter experience in the Land close to the ancestry of my Lord Jesus Christ!  

Posted by Heisan

It is Saturday evening about 10:45 pm we are gathered outside the church building preparing for the Easter Vigil in the Latin Rite. About 2,000 people of different nationality gathered outside to witness the blessing of fire and to participate in the celebration of the Easter Vigil Mass, isn't it more catholic in the sense of the word we are all gathered Asians, Arabs, Indians, Europeans and Americans side by side celebrating the Feast of all Feast. As the events unfold I feel I am participating in the celebration of the ancient liturgy of the catholic church because it is in the Middle East a land close to where my Lord is born, preached, suffered, died, buried and finally rose from the dead. It was an ecstatic experience -the liturgy is sung by the priest though in English for everyone to understand but the solemnity and the sacredness is very present and felt by everyone. The anaphora was sung and the response of the faithful was also in song. In this events I could imagine the first christians celebrating Easter in the same way though in there Aramiac language and it really convince me more of the orthodoxy of my catholic faith and gives more reason to cling to this faith handed down to us by the Apostles through the succession of Bishops. These is my first hand Easter experience in the land close to where my Lord is born, preached, suffered, died, buried and rose from the dead. It really lift my spirit and give me strenght to give witness to my faith in my daily life as a contract worker here in Doha, Qatar.

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Awesome post! I hope to one day celebrate Eatser in the land the Lord was born, lived, suffered, died, and was resurrected in. Thank you for sharing that experience.

December 7, 2006 at 11:12:00 AM PST

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