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You should feel and see the creatures, every creature.

Why take such an interest in a dewdrop appearing on the Virgin's eyelash in a painting, yet not see all the dewdrops of a morning in spring?
Why go miles and miles to see the dubious stigmata on someone or other's hands, yet not move a step to contemplate the sore-covered hands of the poor?
Begin feeling God in creatures. See his beauty in the beauty of the sun as it rises on your human day. Hear his voice in the voice of the brother beside you, trying to communicate with you.
Waste no more time, seeking God in your own fantasies.
Once you realize how miraculous it is that a bee can find the door of its hive, you will feel that God is near you and near your silence.
Try and sing.
For the sky that you have given us, alleluia!
For the sun that you have given us, alleluia!
For the sea that you have given us, alleluia!
For the friends that you have given us, alleluia!
Yes, alleluia, even if the sky is sometimes cloudy.
Alleluia, even if the sun is sometimes scorching
Alleluia if sea is sometimes stormy
Alleluia, even if your friends do not always see eye to eye with you.
All is grace
All is God, loving me.
God is in all, moulding me.
God is in all, making me his son.

(Taken from Carlo Carretto's "Summoned by Love", p60)

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