A Seconder!  

Posted by Heisan

I've been journeying in my faith as a Catholic since my childhood but honestly I started appreciating the beauty of my beloved Catholic faith when I am in my highschool days up to now and still hungering to know more of my faith handed down by the Apostles. As I go along the way I found all the hidden treasure of my faith and still searching and longing for more. One of the most important find I have is the Eucharist which is central to my Catholic faith. Eucharistic Sacrifice is the highest form of worship in the Catholic Church because there we encounter the Real Presence of our Savior and Lord. It is in the Eucharist that man enters the mystery of the Divine as I begin to understand. As my years passes by I become inlove with the Eucharist though I still struggle to with my human frailties God is able to sustain me through His Real Presence. There are many other treasures hidden in my Catholic faith that I still need to discover and God is able to lead me into those treasure. Today I now appreciate the Nicene Creed recited at every Mass. I can now say with certainty and pride that - I believe in the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic church of Christ for I now better understand my blessed Catholic faith in its fulness.Amen!

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